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May 17, 2008 - Hadali

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Temporary Closure

May 17, 2008

On the owners request, Al-Iqbal Sewing School had to leave the premises in May 2008.

The timing could not have come at a more worse time since severeal students were preparing for their graduation exams.

On hearing the news, many students let their feelings be known with tearful eyes. They were assured that the school would insha’Allah open again soon.

We located a suitable replacement and moved shortly after.


“I always believe that it is really the action that matters. That words are no substitute for action. as Abdul Sattar Edhi said, ‘Things get done by doing them, not by talking about them’.” “There are people living in Copenhagen originally from Dina. They are prepared to get involved, invest money and…”

Prof. Dr. Anwar Nasim

Dr. Anwar Nasim

Molecular Biologist & Geneticist

“Saach yeh hai kay in logoh ki lagan aur ikhlass ne Dina ka naam duniyaa mein roshan kar diya hai”

“Mein Denmark kay pakistaniyo ko b mubarakbad ka mustahik samajtha hoo ke wo iss ajar azeem mein iss anjuman ke…”

Mohammad Zameer Jafri

Mohammad Zameer Jafri (Late)

World Renowned Poet

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