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Caesarean - Don't have it unless it's essential

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Caesarean - Don't have it unless it's essential

ABMDP sees the growing rate of Caesarean sections (C-sections) as a troubling trend in Pakistan. The problem is that many women who have Caesarean sections do not need them, and many who do need them go without. One of the reasons more women are having Caesareans is that private doctors at private clinics are telling women they need the surgery when they do not. While doctors may be profiting, some women may be suffering.

A country such as Pakistan has a limited capacity to provide safe surgical births, so when women undergo unnecessary Caesareans, those who actually need them are being pushed out of that system.

“Private clinics are just springing up like the plague with no government regulation, and the doctors basically are getting rich quick.”

The changes in rates, by themselves, clearly indicate why Caesarean is such an important issue. ABMDP, understanding that the implications for women, for their babies and their families require attention, has purchased a plot in order to construct a Maternity Centre in the foreseeable future as an alternative to such clinics.

We believe that many Caesareans could be avoided if the expecting mothers are provided patient education during pregnancy. The prenatal patient, especially the first-time mother, may have many questions and concerns about this period in her life. Much of the information she may have is probably inaccurate or incomplete. ABMDP will provide accurate and complete information about self-care concerns, diet needs, what to expect as labour and delivery approaches, and the dangers within the environment, which may affect the health of the unborn infant.

HELP US in raising the standards of obstetric referral services in order to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity by bringing competent obstetric care within the reach of all who need it.

HELP US build a Maternity Centre as this will have a significant impact on the welfare of future mothers-to-be.

Surgery C-Section

Some facts related to Caesareans

Estimated cost

The estimated cost is approx.:

Pakistani Rupee
PKR 15,000,000 (1.5 crore)
Danske Kroner
DKK 965,000
British Pound
GBP 103,000
US Dollar
USD 159,000
EUR 129,000
Maternity Centre
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JazakAllah Khairun!

Haji Mohammad Iqbal

BBC News

Highlighting urgency

India investigates Chhattisgarh 'womb removal insurance scam'

Following article from India highlights the “connivance between health department officials and private nursing homes”. Unnecessary operations could have been avoided.

As government medical hospitals in Pakistan do not have adequate medical facilities, this allows private nursing homes and practitioners to make money dishonestly. To stop this practice, education and awareness among women of Pakistan is essential.

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