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Pakistan Earthquake Relief 2005



Pakistan Earthquake Relief - 2005


The devastating earthquake of October 8, 2005 caused the death of over 87.000 people of which many were children. More than 100.000 are injured. Around 3,3 million are left homeless. Many more may die due to the approaching winter weather where temperatures may dip to -12C.

Despite the assistance which poured into the region in the aftermath of the quake, each day revealed acute new needs. Dina situated only a stone-throw from the affected areas, ABMDP lead a team of volunteers with tents, warm-clothing, medicine and foodstuff to Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Balakot and beyond.

If you wish to help – either through ABMDP or any other Relief Organisation, note that the main needs are:

  • Shelter – most importantly, winterised tents to protect hundreds of thousands of people, some in mountainous zones where temperatures may dip to -12C. Blankets and warm clothing are also needed.
  • Health care – more than four weeks after the quake, untreated wounds are becoming infected and fractures are worsening. Medics and supplies are needed to treat injuries, and to prevent the spread of illnesses brought on by the lack of hygiene and cold weather.
  • Food – this is likely to be a long-term requirement, as the earthquake wiped out food stocks and destroyed farms.
  • Clean water and sanitation