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In this section you will find the most recent media coverage of our campaign work as well as appearences on radio and television by our policy advocates.

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Anjuman-e-Behbood-e-Mareezan Denmark Pakistan actively and successfully promotes awareness about eye-related health problems, their prevention and cure in the national and international press.

Haji Mohammad Iqbal, our Patron-in-Chief actively contributes towards the cause of our NGO by writing articles in Urdu in the national and international press.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the articles (PDF files). This is a free program available from the Adobe website. Follow the download directions on the Adobe website to get your copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

DateCountryNews ProviderNoteRead More
2016-12-00Denmark DENWatan NewsFree Eye Camp # 45Download PDF-file
2016-11-07Pakistan PAKJhelumupdates.comFree Eye Camp # 45
2016-04-24Pakistan PAKJhelumupdates.comLate Ch. Fazl Elahi Tajpuri
2015-03-24Pakistan PAKUniversal RecorderFree Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-24Pakistan PAKSaday-e-MuslimFree Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-24Pakistan PAKSaday-e-MuslimFree Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-24Pakistan PAKNawa-i-WaqtFree Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-24Pakistan PAKNai BaatFree Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-24Pakistan PAKMussalmanFree Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-24Pakistan PAKKarkasFree Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-24Pakistan PAKJazbaFree Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-24Pakistan PAKIttehadFree Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-24Pakistan PAKInsaf [ISB]Free Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-24Pakistan PAKAusaf [LHR]Free Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-24Pakistan PAKAusaf [ISB]Free Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-19Pakistan PAKPakistanFree Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-19Pakistan PAKMussalmanFree Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-19Pakistan PAKJangFree Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-19Pakistan PAKInsafFree Eye Camp # 42
2015-03-19Pakistan PAKJazbaFree Eye Camp # 42
2014-11-17Pakistan PAKRoznamaJhelum.comFree Eye Camp # 41
2014-04-00Denmark DENAap Ki AwazFree Eye Camp # 40
2013-12-18Pakistan PAKDuniyaBrig. Dr. Asif Gul Kayani
2013-11-25Pakistan PAKApni DuniyaFree Eye Camp # 39
2013-11-13Pakistan PAKPublic EyeFree Eye Camp # 39
2013-11-13Pakistan PAKPardes
2013-11-13Pakistan PAKPakistan [ISB]
2013-11-13Pakistan PAKPakistanFree Eye Camp # 39
2013-11-13Pakistan PAKBBCJhelum.comFree Eye Camp # 39
2013-11-13Pakistan PAKAzkaarFree Eye Camp # 39
2013-11-13Pakistan PAKAusaf [LHR]Free Eye Camp # 39
2013-11-13Pakistan PAKAusaf [ISB]Free Eye Camp # 39
2013-11-13Pakistan PAKAsh-SharqFree Eye Camp # 39
2013-11-12Pakistan PAKJhelumnews.comFree Eye Camp # 39
2013-11-10Pakistan PAKPublic EyeFree Eye Camp # 39
2013-11-10Pakistan PAKMussalmaanFree Eye Camp # 39
2013-11-10Pakistan PAKCapital TimesFree Eye Camp # 39
2013-08-01Pakistan PAKJhelumnews.comPatron-in-Chief
2013-07-00Denmark DENWatan NewsArticle - Baynoor Ankhain Pokaar Raheen Hai
2013-03-13Pakistan PAKJhelumupdates.comFree Eye Camp # 38
2013-01-00Denmark DENWatan NewsPatron-in-Chief
2012-12-26Pakistan PAKJhelumupdates.comPatron-in-Chief
2012-11-22Pakistan PAKJhelumupdates.comFree Eye Camp # 37
2012-10-22Pakistan PAKPublic EyeEye-Specialist Mukhtar Ahmad
2012-10-22Pakistan PAKPakistanEye-Specialist Mukhtar Ahmad
2012-10-22Pakistan PAKMussalmaanEye-Specialist Mukhtar Ahmad
2012-10-22Pakistan PAKKing NewsEye-Specialist Mukhtar Ahmad
2012-10-22Pakistan PAKKhyberEye-Specialist Mukhtar Ahmad
2012-10-22Pakistan PAKIslamEye-Specialist Mukhtar Ahmad
2012-10-22Pakistan PAKAzkaarEye-Specialist Mukhtar Ahmad
2012-10-22Pakistan PAKJhelumupdates.comEye-Specialist Mukhtar Ahmad
2012-04-00Denmark DENWatan NewsFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-17Pakistan PAKPublic EyeFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-17Pakistan PAKMussalmaanFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-17Pakistan PAKJinnahFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-17Pakistan PAKCapital ExpressFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-17Pakistan PAKAkhbar-e-KhyberFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-16Pakistan PAKJhelumupdates.comFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-11Pakistan PAKUniversal RecorderFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-11Pakistan PAKTheRoseJhelum.comFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-11Pakistan PAKPublic EyeFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-11Pakistan PAKKhyberFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-11Pakistan PAKJinnahFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-11Pakistan PAKDinFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-11Pakistan PAKAsh-SharqFree Eye Camp # 36
2012-03-11Pakistan PAKAkhbar-e-KyberFree Eye Camp # 36
2011-12-01Pakistan PAKNai BaatFree Eye Camp # 35
2011-12-00Denmark DENWatan NewsFree Eye Camp # 35
2011-11-06Pakistan PAKRoznamaJhelum.comFree Eye Camp # 35
2011-11-01Pakistan PAKAsh-SharqFree Eye Camp # 35
2011-10-30Pakistan PAKTheRoseJhelum.comFree Eye Camp # 35
2011-10-18Pakistan PAKRoznamaJhelum.comFree Eye Camp # 35
2011-10-14Pakistan PAKRoznamaJhelum.comFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-10-06Pakistan PAKAusafFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-10-05Pakistan PAKRoznamaJhelum.comFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-10-05Pakistan PAKPublic EyeFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-10-05Pakistan PAKPakistanFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-10-05Pakistan PAKMussalmaanFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-10-05Pakistan PAKMadaarFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-10-05Pakistan PAKJinnahFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-10-05Pakistan PAKCapital ExpressFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-10-05Pakistan PAKAzkaarFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-10-05Pakistan PAKAsh-SharqFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-09-11Pakistan PAKPublic EyeFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-09-11Pakistan PAKMussalmaanFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-09-11Pakistan PAKMadaarFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-09-11Pakistan PAKAsh-SharqFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-04-00Denmark DENWatan NewsFree Eye Camp # 34
2011-04-00Denmark DENDekho aur SunnoFree Eye Camp # 33
2011-01-00Denmark DENDekho aur SunnoFree Eye Camp # 32
2010-11-29Pakistan PAKRoznamaJhelum.comFree Eye Camp # 32
2010-11-22Pakistan PAKRoznamaJhelum.com1,200 flood affected families...
2010-10-26Pakistan PAKJhelumnews.comPKR 11,050,000 donated for PFR
2010-10-00Denmark DENDekho aur Sunno2010 Pak Flood Relief
2010-09-09Pakistan PAKRoznamaJhelum.com2011 Pak Flood Relief
2010-09-09Pakistan PAKJhelumnews.com2012 Pak Flood Relief
2010-09-06Pakistan PAKJhelumnews.com2013 Pak Flood Relief
2010-06-00Denmark DENWatan NewsFree Eye Camp # 31
2010-04-00Denmark DENDekho aur SunnoWorking of ABMDP
2010-03-15Pakistan PAKTaseerFree Eye Camp # 31
2010-03-15Pakistan PAKPakistan
2010-03-15Pakistan PAKKhabrain [Rawalpindi]
2010-03-15Pakistan PAKKhabrain [ISB]Free Eye Camp # 31
2010-03-15Pakistan PAKJinnahFree Eye Camp # 31
2009-12-10Denmark DENWaqarWorking of ABMDP
2009-08-04Denmark DENWaqarFree Eye Camp # 29
2009-06-00Denmark DENSahilFree Eye Camp # 29
2009-04-30Pakistan PAKMussalmaanRaja M. Saeed appointed member of ABMDP
2009-04-09Pakistan PAKWaqtFree Eye Camp # 29
2009-04-09Pakistan PAKAusaf
2009-04-09Pakistan PAKPakistanFree Eye Camp # 29
2009-04-07Pakistan PAKAsh-SharqFree Eye Camp # 29
2009-04-07Pakistan PAKMussalmaanFree Eye Camp # 29
2009-04-06Pakistan PAKJhelumnews.comFree Eye Camp # 29
2009-03-29Pakistan PAKPakistanFree Eye Camp # 29
2009-03-29Pakistan PAKAusafFree Eye Camp # 29
2009-02-02Denmark DENWaqarFree Eye Camp # 28
2009-02-00Denmark DENSahilFree Eye Camp # 28
2008-12-01Pakistan PAKKhabrain
2008-07-12Denmark DENWaqar
2008-07-00Denmark DENSahara Times
2008-05-00Denmark DENWatan News
2008-04-12Pakistan PAKMussalmaan
2008-04-02Pakistan PAKDin
2008-04-00Denmark DENSahil
2008-03-28Pakistan PAKAaj Kal
2008-03-28Pakistan PAKMussalmaan
2008-03-28Pakistan PAKKainaat
2008-03-28Pakistan PAKDin
2008-03-28Pakistan PAKAusaf
2008-03-14Pakistan PAKDin
2008-03-13Pakistan PAKAzkaar
2008-03-12Pakistan PAKRah-e-Rast
2008-03-11Pakistan PAKIslamabad Times
2008-03-11Pakistan PAKMussalmaan
2008-03-11Pakistan PAKKhabrain
2008-03-11Pakistan PAKExpress
2008-03-00Denmark DENSahil
2008-03-00Pakistan PAKApni Dunia
2007-12-14Pakistan PAKKhabrain
2007-12-13Pakistan PAKAzkaar
2007-12-05Pakistan PAKRah-e-Rast
2007-11-21Pakistan PAKNewsmart
2007-09-30Norway NOROverseas Pakistan
2007-09-00Denmark DENSahil
2007-08-00Denmark DENSahil
2007-04-29Pakistan PAKJinnah
2007-04-29Pakistan PAKDin
2007-04-29Pakistan PAKAusaf
2007-04-28Pakistan PAKJang
2007-04-28Pakistan PAKAzkaar
2007-04-28Pakistan PAKAl-Akhbar
2007-02-09Pakistan PAKExpress
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKPakistan
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKNewsmart
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt [II]
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt [I]
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKMussalmaan
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKKhabrain [II]
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKKhabrain [I]
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKJinnah
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKJang
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKIslam
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKInsaaf
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKAzkaar
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKAusaf [II]
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKAusaf [I]
2007-02-08Pakistan PAKAsas
2007-02-07Pakistan PAKAzkaar
2007-02-07Pakistan PAKAusaf
2006-12-00United Kingdom UKAsian Image
2006-11-30Pakistan PAKTehzeeb
2006-11-19Pakistan PAKJang
2006-09-28Pakistan PAKAl-Akhbar
2006-08-17United Kingdom UKBusiness Times
2006-08-00Pakistan PAKSahil
2006-05-06United Kingdom UKBusiness Times
2006-04-18United Kingdom UKBusiness Times
2006-04-06Pakistan PAKAusaf
2006-04-05Pakistan PAKMussalmaan
2006-04-05Pakistan PAKApni Dunia
2006-04-03Pakistan PAKAsas
2006-04-02United Kingdom UKBusiness Times
2006-03-00Denmark DENKLS Nyt
2006-02-00Denmark DENSahil
2006-01-14United Kingdom UKBusiness Times
2006-01-10Pakistan PAKKashmir Post
2005-09-02Denmark DENWaqar
2005-09-00Denmark DENSahil
2005-07-29Pakistan PAKJinnah
2005-07-23Pakistan PAKKhabrain
2005-07-23Pakistan PAKAzkaar
2005-07-23Pakistan PAKAsas
2005-07-22Pakistan PAKKhabrain
2005-07-22Pakistan PAKJinnah
2005-07-19Pakistan PAKKhubian
2005-07-15Pakistan PAKPakistan
2005-07-13Pakistan PAKMussalmaan
2005-07-13Pakistan PAKKainaat
2005-07-11Pakistan PAKSahafat
2005-07-11Pakistan PAKJinnah
2005-05-11Pakistan PAKAsas
2005-05-10Pakistan PAKLeader
2005-05-10Pakistan PAKKhabrain [LHE]
2005-05-10Pakistan PAKKhabrain [ISB]
2005-05-10Pakistan PAKKainaat
2005-05-10Pakistan PAKJang
2005-05-10Pakistan PAKAusaf
2005-05-07Pakistan PAKAsas
2005-05-05Pakistan PAKPakistan
2005-04-19Pakistan PAKJang
2005-04-18Pakistan PAKKhabrain
2005-04-13Pakistan PAKSahafat
2005-04-13Pakistan PAKDin
2005-02-01Denmark DENWaqar
2005-02-00Denmark DENWaqarSyed Zameer Jafari
2004-12-11Pakistan PAKPakistan
2004-12-11Pakistan PAKExpress
2004-12-08Pakistan PAKMussalmaan
2004-12-08Pakistan PAKMedia News
2004-12-08Pakistan PAKKhabrain [II]
2004-12-08Pakistan PAKKhabrain [I]
2004-12-08Pakistan PAKKainaat
2004-12-08Pakistan PAKAwaz
2004-09-25Pakistan PAKMedia News
2004-09-00Denmark DENSahil
2004-08-06Pakistan PAKPakistan
2004-08-00Pakistan PAKApni Dunia
2004-05-03Pakistan PAKAusaf
2004-04-30Pakistan PAKPakistan
2004-04-29Pakistan PAKJang
2004-04-23Pakistan PAKKainaat
2004-04-19Pakistan PAKAsas
2004-04-17Pakistan PAKPakistan
2004-04-17Pakistan PAKAusaf
2004-04-00Pakistan PAKApni Dunia
2004-04-00Denmark DENWaqar
2003-12-23Pakistan PAKAusaf
2003-06-02Pakistan PAKAkhbar-e-Jehan
2003-01-00Pakistan PAKSuperior
2002-10-03Pakistan PAKJang
2002-10-03Pakistan PAKAusaf
2002-09-28Pakistan PAKPakistan
2002-09-24Pakistan PAKKhabrain
2002-09-24Pakistan PAKJang
2002-09-15Denmark DENWaqar
2002-06-01Pakistan PAKAusaf
2002-04-29Pakistan PAKAusaf
2002-04-28Pakistan PAKAusaf
2002-04-09Pakistan PAKAusaf
2002-03-29Pakistan PAKKhabrain
2002-03-28Pakistan PAKKainaat
2002-03-28Pakistan PAKAsas
2002-03-27Pakistan PAKKhabrain
2002-03-21Pakistan PAKJang
2001-06-04Pakistan PAKAkhbar-e-Jehan
2001-04-30Pakistan PAKPakistan
2001-04-22Pakistan PAKAusaf
2001-04-18Pakistan PAKKainaat
2001-04-16Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt
2001-01-15Pakistan PAKAkhbar-e-Jehan
2000-11-22Pakistan PAKJang
2000-11-21Pakistan PAKAusaf
2000-09-08Pakistan PAKJang
2000-05-29Pakistan PAKAkhbar-e-Jehan
2000-01-01Pakistan PAKDin
1999-12-24Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt [II]
1999-12-24Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt [I]
1999-12-24Pakistan PAKDin
1999-12-23Pakistan PAKAusaf
1999-11-25Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt [II]
1999-11-25Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt [I]
1999-11-25Pakistan PAKKainaat
1999-11-25Pakistan PAKAusaf
1999-11-24Pakistan PAKAatish
1999-11-23Pakistan PAKKainaat
1999-11-20Pakistan PAKDin
1999-11-19Pakistan PAKAatish
1999-11-11Pakistan PAKDin
1999-05-31Pakistan PAKAkhbar-e-Jehan
1999-05-16Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt
1999-01-01Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt
1998-12-31Pakistan PAKAusaf
1998-12-21Pakistan PAKAkhbar-e-Jehan
1998-12-20Pakistan PAKKhabrain
1998-12-00Pakistan PAKSadai Muslim
1998-11-27Pakistan PAKKhabrain
1998-05-31Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt
1998-05-18Pakistan PAKJang
1998-05-17Pakistan PAKAusaf
1998-04-29Pakistan PAKAkhbar-e-Jhelum
1998-03-03Denmark DENBerlingske Tidende
1997-12-15Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt
1997-12-14Pakistan PAKJang
1997-11-29Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt
1997-11-25Pakistan PAKPakistan [II]
1997-11-25Pakistan PAKPakistan [I]
1997-11-25Pakistan PAKAsas
1997-05-14Pakistan PAKPakistan
1997-05-06Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt
1997-05-03Pakistan PAKKhabrain
1996-12-14Pakistan PAKJang
1996-11-24Pakistan PAKSahafat
1995-10-00Denmark DENShaheen
1995-09-00Denmark DENShaheen
1995-08-04Denmark DENShaheen
1994-07-06Pakistan PAKJang
1994-06-07Pakistan PAKNawa-e-Waqt
1994-05-30Pakistan PAKJazbah
1993-11-04Pakistan PAKJang
1992-03-07Pakistan PAKJang
0000-00-00Denmark DENDanmarks Radio
0000-00-00Denmark DENDanmarks Radio
0000-00-00Pakistan PAKPandal Post
0000-00-00Denmark DENWaqar [I]
0000-00-00Denmark DENWaqar [II]
0000-00-00Denmark DENWaqar [III]
0000-00-00Denmark DENWaqar

“I always believe that it is really the action that matters. That words are no substitute for action. as Abdul Sattar Edhi said, ‘Things get done by doing them, not by talking about them’.” “There are people living in Copenhagen originally from Dina. They are prepared to get involved, invest money and…”

Prof. Dr. Anwar Nasim

Dr. Anwar Nasim

Molecular Biologist & Geneticist


Mohammad Zameer Jafri

Syed Zamir Jafri (Late)

World Renowned Poet

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