FEC # 53

December 12, 2021 - Dina

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Free Eye Camp # 53

Despite the establishment of Al-Iqbal Eye Block, the influx of patients seeking help at our Free Eye Camps has not diminshed.

Let’s show you some glimpses of our 53rd Free Eye Camp.


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Patients Examined
Patients Operated

Required Operation


Image Gallery

GenderName of
Father / Husband
Age (Yrs)BSRTown/VillageProcedure
Male MaleAbdul Aziz Fazal Ahmed 75100Chak Alamas L.ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleAbdul Ghafoor Khan Gull 47288Noor Mohalla Dina
Male MaleAbdul Satar Abdul Rahseed 65116Dina R.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleBibi Satira Lal Gull Khan 5081Dina L.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleBibi Wasifa Akhtar Khan 55135Dina R.ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleFarooq Ayoub 5597Dina L.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleFiayaz BibiRafique 65202Domeli Mohallah R.ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleGhazanfar Hassan 6592Thekrian L.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleGhulam Sakina Iqbal 5687Gohra Choudrian R.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleHaleem Bibi Naja Khan 60223DinaL.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleHameedan Haq Nawaz 70128Jandala R.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleIqbal BegumTah Elahi 75170By Pass Dina L.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleIqbal Bibi Akram 50110Madukalas L.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleIshaq Rao Rasheed 50168Main Bazar Dina R.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleKhalida Walayat Hussain 71148Mohallah Islam Pura R.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleKhursheen BibiJan Muhammad 5190Quaid-e-Azam Town L.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleMahfooz Adalat Khan 61299Dhok Awan
Female FemaleMaqbool Begum Ashraf 8097Quaid-e-Azam Town R.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleMaqbool Begum Maheroof 50332Rohtas
Male MaleMuhammad Akbar Wali Ahmed 52101Muftian L.ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleMuhammad Khan Yousaf 6082Kayani Street R.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleNargis Tajamal Shah 5079Syed Hussain Nai Abadi L.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleNaseem Akhtar Yaqoob 7572Kikry Pothi L.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleNasreen Munir Akhtar 57205Pind Jata L.ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleNazar Hussain Kana 60105Dina R.ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleRafique Muhammad Mirza 70155Domeli Mohallah L.ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleRafique Shah Sawar 7597Banth L.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleRozinaMuhamma Ayub 70183Rasool Pur L.ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleSabir Saddique64190Nai Abadi R.ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleSaddique Nooer Mohammad 8595Galli Kashmerian Dina R.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleSaeeda BibiRab Nawaz 4670Kotli Behram R.ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleSafdar Hussain Ali Shair 65180Dhair Khurd L.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleSakina Fazal Karim75108Doyian Dina L.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleShahida Kousar Mehfooz Hussain46184Chak Akka L.ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleSuba Saddique Nazir Ahmed 70180Chak Bahram R.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleZahida Nasreen Rafique 6382Kayani Street L.ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleZir Gullay Khan Zada 65263Nia Mohallah Dina R.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleZohran Begum Rab Nawaz 8492Jandala R.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleZubaida Begum Asif 6585Jandala R.ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleZubaida Begum Yaqoob66201Nakodar R.ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleZulifqar Shah Mozim Shah 7494Hadala Syedan L.ECCE+ IOL

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