FEC # 52

November 15, 2020 - Dina

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Free Eye Camp # 52

Despite the establishment of Al-Iqbal Eye Block, the influx of patients seeking help at our Free Eye Camps has not diminshed.

Let’s show you some glimpses of our 52nd Free Eye Camp.

Late Abdul Razaaq

Free Eye Camp Sponsor

Ms. Laila Razaaq &
Mr. Shaukat Ali

Patients Examined
Patients Operated

Required Operation


Image Gallery

GenderName of
Father / Husband
Age (Yrs)BSRTown/VillageProcedure
Female FemaleAisha Razaq Razaq 70110Rehmana Abad L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleAli Asghar Allah Dad 65110Sanatha R ECCE + IOL
Male MaleAltaf Ali Akbar 60120Dina R ECCE + IOL
Male MaleAmin Ahmed Ali 49110Muftian R ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleAnayat Ali Muhammad 70125Khukha L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleAnwar Hussain Hussain 75120Dina L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleAnwari Begum Muhammad Yasin 65180Mandi Bahawaldin R ECCE + IOL
Male MaleArshad Hanif 54150Domeli Mohallah L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleAzim Allah Ditta 85130Station, Dina R ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleAzra Begum Arif 60170Nawabpur, Dina R ECCE + IOL
Male MaleBashir Muhammad Ali 60110Gujar Khan R ECCE + IOL
Male MaleGhazanfar Hussain 60120Thekrina R ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleGhulam Sakina Muhammad Shabir 70200Syed Hussain L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleHanifa Ashraf 60170Azam Town L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleHussain Noor Muhammad 72120Fatah Pur L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleIftikhar Ahmed Zaman 60110Dina L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleIqbal Shabrati 60145Dina L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleKubra Begum Anwar 60170Jandala L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleLatifa Begum Abu Zar 70120Dhangri, Dina L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleManzoor Faiz Alam 60140Dhangri, Dina L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleMaqsood Abdul Haq 60110Chak Baraham L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleMazloom Kousar Younas 40200Kurlan R ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleMehroof Begum Ghulam Nabi 70228Sarai Alamgir L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleMist Saghir Saghir Ahmed 55220Sarai Alamgir R ECCE + IOL
Male MaleMuhammad Bashir Ghulab Din 55150Sagri R ECCE + IOL
Male MaleMuhammad Fazal Rahamat Khan 65120Khalila Abad R ECCE + IOL
Male MaleMuhammad Khan Yousaf6090Kayani Street, DinaL ECCE + IOL
Male MaleMunir Karam Elahi 47230Khalila Abad R ECCE + IOL
Male MaleMushtaq Natho Khan 69198Dina L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleNazir Sadiq 67180Chakyam R ECCE + IOL
Male MaleNazir Naik Muhammad 70200Dina L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleNazir Begum Arshad 74110Chal Almas L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleNisar Yasin 6090Main Bazar, Dina L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleQurban Karam Elahi 70160Thekrina L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleRahim Bibi Masoom Khan 5570Thekrina L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleRazia Habib Ullah 65260Wazira Abad L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleRazia Begum Farzand Ali 80390Dina P.P
Female FemaleSakina Begum Akbar Khan 65370Noor Mohallah, Dina P.P
Female FemaleShafia Begum Ashraf 70110Noor Mohallah, Dina L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleShafique Mirza Khan 61160Rohtas L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleShahida Kousar Mahfooz Hussain 40286Chak Akka R ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleShahnaz Kousar M. Anwar 70240Hadali L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleShamim Akhtar Raheem Bakhish 60160Mohallah Sheikhan,Dina R ECCE + IOL
Male MaleShamraiz Akbar Ali 55220Gujar Khan L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleTaj Nazar Muhammad 60190Taraki Jor R ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleTasneem Jandar 65110Rahana Gujran L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleYaqoob Shah Syed Rafique Shah 72170Domeli Mohallah R ECCE + IOL
Male MaleYounas Hanif Shah 65230Domeli Mohallah R ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleZahida Parveen Bashir 70160Syed Hussain R ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleZarait Lal Khan 65220Gharmahal L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleZarda BibiAnwar 80177Mohal, Dina L ECCE + IOL

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