FEC # 46

February 19, 2017 - Dina

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Free Eye Camp # 46

Despite the establishment of Al-Iqbal Eye Block, the influx of patients seeking help at our Free Eye Camps has not diminshed.

Let’s show you some glimpses of our 46th Free Eye Camp.


Free Eye Camp Sponsor

Haji Mirza Mohammad Sabir

Patients Examined
Patients Operated

Required Operation


Image Gallery

GenderName of
Father / Husband
Age (Yrs)Address BSRProcedure
Male MaleAbdul GhafoorKara M Elahi 70Rohtas 87R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleAdalatMuhammad Bakhish 89Dhok Badhal 110R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleAjaibSardar 65Dina 172L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleAkramLal Hussain 72Padri 158L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleAllah DittaMuhammad Hussain 72Jalor Chak 222L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleAltafNawaz 58Dina 91L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleAlyasCh. Qarban 80Ratyal 143R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleAnwarFazal 65Doma 114R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleAnwar BiZaman 70Dina 84L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleAnwar JanAllah Ditta 70Doiyan 290R ECCE
Male MaleArifZaman 70Lahri 124L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleArshad BegumKhan Muhammad 60Nakoder 139R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleArshad BegumAfzal 65Chani Gujran331L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleArshad BegumMuhammad Ashraf 45Dina 121R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleArshad BegumRehmat Khan 70Khukha170R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleAslamSadique 70Ghar Mahal 96L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleBakhtawar BibiAbdullah75Malday 92R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleBalqeesMuhammad Zaman 75Dina 80R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleBarkat AliFazal 90Nakoder 86R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleBarkat AliFazal Din62Domeli 95L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleBasheerNoor Ahmed 60Nagyal 78L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleFakrajAllah Rakha 68Chak Dood 304R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleFarooqAli Shan 50Sagri 327L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleFatimaMushtaq 70Kasyal 116R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleFazal HussianMohammad Din65Dina 147R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleFazal HussianNadar Khan 75Domeli 165R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleFazal NoorSakhi Muhammad 60Pir Shah Wasan 108R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleFazeelatHabib Khan 50Jhelum 130L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleGhazanfarZaman 80Khana Boki 144R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleHameedAbdul Khaliq 90Baghan 134L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleHameed BegumAshraf 65Lala Musa 140L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleJamila SaleemSaleem 65Dina 196R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleJamshaid AliFazal Elahi65Jalor Chak 83R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleJan GullNoor Muhammad 57Madukalas 84R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleKhanmaPalwan 70Khukha 130R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleKhursheed BibiAkram Bhati 50Mangla 137L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleLalMatli Khan 50Dina 230R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleLal KhanKaram Elahi 76Tila Jogian 118R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleLatifSardar 60Sohawa 259R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleMalkiaKhan Nawaz 52Adrana 106L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleMaqbool AhmedFaiz Ahmed 60Chani Gujran114L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleMaqsood BegumAbdul Rehman 80Dina 131R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleMehmood HussainMohammad Hussain 63Kasyal 199L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleMohammad HayatNawab Khan 77Dina 161R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleMuhamamd ShafiUmer Din 70Rehmana Abad 90R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleMuhammad AliFakhar Din 50Dina 229R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleMuhammad AshrafDewan Ali 80Jandala 195R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleMuhammad AslamAlim Din 75Lala Musa 130R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleMuhammad GhulamAtta Muhammad 60Dina 121R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleMuhammad HussainFazal Elahi 75Lala Musa 160L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleMuhammad RiazGhulam Muhammad 75Chak Jamal112R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleMuhammad YousafGhulam Ahmed 80Kaloowal 74L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleMukhtar BegumAzam 50Nagyal 266L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleMumtaz BibiSaleem 70Dina 198R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleMunirGull Shair 70Sohan 97R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleMushtaqAbdul Karim 70Muftian 86L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleNajam Un NisaAbdullah 48Dina 125L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleNajmaZahoor 56Chakyam 131R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleNaseem AkhtarMuhammad Aslam 50Sohawa 220L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleNaseem BegumKhan Muhammad 65Dina 159R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleNayamat BegumYaseen 60Nakoder 117R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleNazeerGull Muhammad 70Kala Day 190R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleNazeer BegumMuhammad Shabir 65Khukha 115L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleNazranBasheer 70Lala Musa 120L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleParveenBasheer 50Kurlan 93L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleParwaizRooz Khan 75Adrana 160L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleRasheedaSadique 60Dina 120L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleRashidZaman 43Noor Mohalla 198L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleRehmat BibiMuhammad Ajaib 70Dina 116L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleRukhsanaBasheer 50Dina 97R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleRukhsana MazharMazhar 40Baghan 234R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleRuqiaMunir 60Dina 272R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleSadiqueJawan 65Samri Sarula 98R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleSafdarAli Shair 60Dehire Rehana 87R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleSafeeraZaman 70Pir Shah Wasan 91L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleSakandar JavedBasheer 65Rohtas 130R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleSakinaSafder 50Dhok Dairo 150L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleSaleemFazal Ahmed 65Mair 73L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleSekhian BibiMaroof 60Sayeedan 137R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleShafiaJan Muhammad 55Mughla Abad 143R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleShafiqueAbdul Ghafoor 60Domeli 90L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleShafqatHussain 65Kasyal 419L ECCE + IOL
Female FemaleSkeenaAshraf 70Jandala 76L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleSulimanAllah Ditta 65Jhelum 96R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleTazeem AkhtarMuhammad Silam 45Nakoder 358R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleTikka KhanFatah Muhammad 72Kalo Wal 142R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleWaheedAbu Zar 68Gadari 80L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleWali DadAllah Dad 80Kaloowal 148R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleWali MuhammadAtta Muhammad 80Choha 131L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleZahoor AhmedNoor Ahmed 60Dina 358R ECCE+ IOL
Female FemaleZakiaYounas 68Sohawa 83R ECCE+ IOL
Male MaleZamanBahader Khan 62Thela Mira Sohawa 111L ECCE + IOL
Male MaleZamanFatah Muhammad 80Dina 114L ECCE + IOL

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