FEC # 42

March 22, 2015 - Dina

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Free Eye Camp # 42

Despite the establishment of Al-Iqbal Eye Block, the influx of patients seeking help at our Free Eye Camps has not diminshed.

Let’s show you some glimpses of our 42nd Free Eye Camp.


Free Eye Camp Sponsor

Haji Mirza Mohammad Sabir

Patients Examined
Patients Operated

Required Operation


Image Gallery

GenderName of
Father / Husband
Age (Yrs)Village/TownBSRProcedure
Male MaleAbdul AzizMalik Saleem80DinaL + IOL
Male MaleAli Ahmed Noor Muhammad60SanathaL + IOL
Male MaleAli AkbarAbdul Khaliq50BangyalL + IOL
Male MaleAli AnwarWalayat Khan65Tabba RajganR + IOL
Female FemaleAnwar BegumMatloob Hussain50Jalo ChakR + IOL
Female FemaleArshad BegumMuhammad Muneer55Dhok Kasyal328P
Male MaleAsghar AliRehmat Ali67GhagarR + IOL
Female FemaleAshraf BibiAltaf55Sairi GhanyalR + IOL
Female FemaleAzharaKhan Muhammad70LehriL + IOL
Female FemaleBadshahi BegumMuhammad Nazir40Rajo PindiR + IOL
Female FemaleBalqees BegumMuhammad Ilyas50JandalaL + IOL
Male MaleBarkat AliMuhammad Fazal70NakodarL + IOL
Female FemaleBasheer BegumBostan Khan75NakodarR + IOL
Male MaleBashir AhmedSultan Mehmood75SyedaanR + IOL
Male MaleBostan KhanMuhammad Hashim74Kurlan346P
Female FemaleBaati AliShera80Bora JungleL + IOL
Male MaleCh. DaniCh. Manga75DinaR + IOL
Male MaleCh. KhanQurban Hussain62Khatana Dulyal599P
Female FemaleDolat BegumMuhammad Nazeer60LehriL + IOL
Female FemaleFarzand BibiMuhammad Din60Pind JataR + IOL
Female FemaleFateh BegumMuhammad Aslam57GhagarR + IOL
Male MaleFazal AhmedKalay Khan68Chak BaliyanL + IOL
Male MaleFazal AhmedAllah Ditta65Madu Kalas479P
Female FemaleFazal BibiGhulam Qadir60Dina473P
Male MaleFazal HussainAltaf Mehmood50DinaR + IOL
Female FemaleFehmeeda BegumMuhammad Risalat70AmralL + IOL
Male MaleGhulam HussainJewan Khan60P.D KhanR + IOL
Male MaleGhulam MurtazaMuhammad Afsar62Kikli PothiL + IOL
Female FemaleGulzar BegumAli Muhammad 60Pind JataR + IOL
Male MaleHaq NawazJandad Khan70LehriL + IOL
Female FemaleHassan BiMuhammad Akbar70Madu KalasL + IOL
Male MaleJaan MuhammadFaqeer Muhammad81Kala GujranL + IOL
Female FemaleKaneez BibiAbdul Raheem65Dhok PadhalL + IOL
Female FemaleKaneez FatimaNiaz Ali60DinaR + IOL
Female FemaleKaneez FatimaNiaz Ali70DinaR + IOL
Female FemaleKhadeeja BegumFazal Ahmed75KhokhaR + IOL
Female FemaleKhadija Fazal Ahmed75KhukhaR + IOL
Female FemaleKhurshaid BegumHayat Muhammad58DinaR + IOL
Female FemaleKhursheed BegumHaji Fazal70DinaR + IOL
Female FemaleManzoor BegumSajawal Khan55Kala GujranR + IOL
Female FemaleMastoran BegumKaram Dad60GhagarR + IOL
Male MaleMian KhanWazeer Khan75ChotalaR + IOL
Male MaleMuhammad Afzal Shah Wali68Dhok MunawarR + IOL
Male MaleMuhammad AjabHashim Ali74KadlotL + IOL
Male MaleMuhammad AkramAdalat Khan50Pind JataL + IOL
Male MaleMuhammad AminMuhammad Din71Rajo PindiR + IOL
Male MaleMuhammad AshrafWaris Khan76PandoriR + IOL
Male MaleMuhammad BashirMuhammad Ali65ChakohaR + IOL
Male MaleMuhammad FarooqAli Shan55Sagri446P
Male MaleMuhammad IlyasMuhammad Khan65JandalaR + IOL
Male MaleMuhammad YounasSher Muhammad78LehriR + IOL
Male MaleMuhammad YousafFateh Muhammad80MaldevR + IOL
Male MaleMuhammat TajRehmtullah67DinaR + IOL
Female FemaleMukhtar BegumFazal Kareem75Pind JataL + IOL
Female FemaleMukhtar BegumIftikhar Ahmed75SohawaL + IOL
Male MaleMushtaq AhmedFarman Ali 70Tilla JogianR + IOL
Female FemaleNaseem AkhtarKhalil Hussain60TheekrianL + IOL
Female FemaleNaseem AkhtarKhalid Mehmood40NagialL + IOL
Female FemaleNaseem AkhtarTariq Hussain42BaghanL + IOL
Female FemaleNazeer BibiMuhammad Anwar65DinaR + IOL
Female FemaleNiamat Bibi Muhammad Sharif60NakodarR + IOL
Male MaleNoor HassanMuhammad Khan62Gujar KatarianL + IOL
Female FemaleNoor Jahan Muhammad Aslam75Mota GharbiL + IOL
Female FemaleParveen AkhtarZahoor Ahmed 60PanchorL + IOL
Female FemaleParveen AkhtarShabbir Hussain50Dhok MunawarL + IOL
Male MaleRab NawazLal Khan65PandoriL + IOL
Female FemaleRafiqan BibiAkhtar Hussain55Dina304P
Female FemaleRazia BegumMuhammad Sadeeq70KhokhaL + IOL
Female FemaleRazia BibiAbdul Kareem60SagriL + IOL
Female FemaleRehmat BibiIbraheem50BarlaR + IOL
Female FemaleRehmat BibiAdalat Khan 75Pind JataR + IOL
Male MaleRiaz Ahmed Anayat Ullah65Dhok MunawarR + IOL
Female FemaleSadiqa BegumAshiq Hussain60NakodarL + IOL
Female FemaleSafia BegumMuhammad Yousaf75Sargodha333P
Female FemaleSakeena BegumMuhammad Fazal70PothiR + IOL
Female FemaleSakinaNazir Ahmed45PadhriL + IOL
Female FemaleSakina Muhammad Mushtaq60Chakoha301P
Female FemaleSarwat JaanNawab Khan80Sidh Tajpur AliaR + IOL
Female FemaleShaheen AkhtarMehboob Hussain45LadharL + IOL
Male MaleShahid SultanM. Hassan55TheekrianR + IOL
Female FemaleShahida ParveenMuhammad Shabbir40Dina364P
Female FemaleShehnaz AkhtarMuhammad Nazir65Kala Dub339P
Female FemaleShehnaz BegumTariq Mehmood55DinaR + IOL
Female FemaleSugra BibiM. Mushtaq60Gujar KhanR + IOL
Male MaleSyed Afzaal ShahSyed Liaqat Shah75DinaR + IOL
Female FemaleSyeda AktharMuhammad Razzaq60Chak AlmasL + IOL
Female FemaleSyeda BibiMuhammad Bashir55Jakkar368P
Female FemaleTazeem AkhtarRaja Habib Nawaz70LehriR + IOL
Female FemaleZainab BibiBarkat Ali65Saray AlamgirR + IOL
Female FemaleZaitoon BibiFaqeer Muhammad70DinaL + IOL
Female FemaleZarait HussainWalayat Hussain55Dhok KanyalR + IOL
Female FemaleZarina BegumNaik Alam56ChotalaL + IOL
Female FemaleZaroof BegumSultan Muhammad75PothaR + IOL
Female FemaleZeenat BegumMuhammad Sadiq50Dina523P
Female FemaleZohra BibiNoor Hussain70DomeliR + IOL
Female FemaleZubaida BegumMatloob Hussain50Padhal386P

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