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Dina has hosted the majority of all Free Eye Camps held by ABMDP and is thus our hub.

Dina & Environs

Jhelum District is located in the north of Pakistan's Punjab province. Jhelum District is bordered by Sargodha to its south, Gujrat and the Jhelum River to its south and east, Chakwal to its west, Mirpur (Azad Jammu & Kashmir) to its east, and Rawalpindi to its north. The district of Jhelum covers an area of 3,587 sq. km.

Dina is a rapidly expanding, densely populated, commercial town in Jhelum District. It is located at 33’1’60N 73’35’60E at an altitude of 275 metres above sea-level, approx. 16 km northwest of Jhelum City and approx. 100 km southeast of Islamabad. Dina has an area of approx. 88.5 km². The historic Grand Trunk Road passes through the centre of the town where there is a junction with the road to Mangla Dam and Rohtas Fort.

The Mangla Dam is the twelfth largest dam in the world. It was constructed in 1967 across the Jhelum River, inundating many villages. Some of the over 110,000 displaced people settled in Dina and other neighbouring towns/villages. Some of those affected by the dam were given work permits for United Kingdom by the Government of Pakistan. Others were less fortunate and experienced hardship and misery. Living conditions for the poor and disadvantaged have not improved. The needs of the community for local access, high quality care at reasonable costs have not been addressed.


Dina is Anjuman-e-Behbood-e-Mareezan Denmark Pakistan’s hub.

Al-Iqbal Eye Block

Al-Iqbal Eye Block in Dina was created to serve one purpose - to improve the eyesight of our patients. Our treatments help visually impaired people improve their ability to see the world around them.


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