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Al-Iqbal Eye Block

Al-Iqbal Eye Block in Dina was created to serve one purpose - to improve the eyesight of our patients. Our treatments help visually impaired people improve their ability to see the world around them.


Volunteer Contacts

For financial aid and press related queries,
you can directly contact our volunteers mentioned below
Admin Volunteers
Haji Mohammad Iqbal

Haji Mohammad Iqbal


Haji Iftkaar Ahmed Khan

Haji Iftkaar Ahmed Khan


Haji Daraze Akhtar

Haji Daraze Akhtar

Vice President

Financial Aid / Press Volunteers

Dr. Shauket Mehmud

Shauket Mehmud, Dr.

General Secretary

Mehmood Sharif

Mehmood Sharif

Press Secretary

Mohammad Manzoor

Mohammad Manzoor

Finance Secretary

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Sadaqah Jariyah
Sponsor A Free Eye Camp

One of the best things about Sadaqah Jariyah is that you can give on behalf of the deceased and benefit them directly without decreasing your own rewards. When you lose a loved one, there is nothing that can ever take their place and it is often very hard to find the perfect way to honour their memory. Giving a Sadaqah Jariyah is one of the best things you can do for a loved one and something that they can benefit greatly from.

With your Gift of Sight, you will enable people to help themselves (earn their livelihood) beyond the initial intervention, ensuring that both they and you reap the benefits for years to come in sha’ Allah.